Making The Ultimate Sacrifice

Dedicated to PFC. John "Jack" Bednarcik


KIA - 26 May 1945 in Okinawa, Japan

John J. "Jack" Bednarcik was born 07 June 1925 in Galesburg, Illinois to John J and Pauline "Cebulko" Bednarcik, 652 W. Grove St.  Unfortunately, I was never able to meet my Uncle Jackie, but I was named after him and I am also in the Military (USAF).  I do not have much information about him.  My Grandma used to tell me what a SUPER person he was.  How he always used to get his mouth harp, sit on the basement steps and play for her while she did laundry.  He'd also call the local radio stations and request a song for her and sing it to her while it played.  She told me he was always in a good mood, always laughing and smiling and that I reminder her a lot of him, which I took as the ultimate compliment.

Jack signed up for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) straight out of High School (Corpus Christi High School, Galesburg, IL) in Aug 1943.  He reported for duty Nov 1943 at Parris Island, SC.  He was immediately sent to Guadalcanal  after basic training.  After being a United States Marine for only approx. 1 year and 4 months, he was killed by accidental fire (Friendly Fire) May 26th, 1945. He was 19 years old.   I have accumulated many photographs and documents from my Grandmother which I will provide to you here.  My Uncle Jack gave his life for his family, for Galesburg, Illinois, and for the United States of America.  I am proud to carry on his name and serve our great country as he did.  Private First Class  John J Bednarcik...I salute you..........

1.  Pics of Jack with friends and family prior to deployment to occupied Japan

2.  Pics of Jack and his fellow soldiers (Location unknown)

3.  Pics of the Sixth Marine Division Cemetery in Okinawa where Jack was originally buried

4.  Pics of Jack's newspaper clippings after his death

5.  Letters from Marine Corps friends and Higher Headquarters after his death

6.  1012th Platoon, US Marine Corps, San Diego 1942 (Jack Row 2, 6 from left)