Making The Ultimate Sacrifice

Dedicated to PFC. John "Jack" Bednarcik

1.  Letter (Page 1, Page 2) from Tony Durako, Battery B - 98th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, SF, CA dated 22 October 1945

2.  Envelope from Tony Durako's Letter

3.  Letter from Pfc Arthur Kaczynaki, 6th Pioneer Battalion, Sixth Marine Division, SF, CA dated 18 September 1945

4.  Letter from General A.A. Vandegrift, Commandant of the Marine Corps dates 11 June 1945

5.  Envelope from Gen Vandegrift's Letter

6.  Letter from the AWD (American War Dads) about bringing back Jack's body from Japan

7.  Letter (Page 1, Page 2) from Father Joseph Varden, Service Battalion, Sixth Marine Division, SF CA 27 June 1945
       -  This is the only written document we have seen stating Jack was killed my Friendly Fire

8.  Envelope from Father Joseph Varden's Letter

9.  MS Word .doc of LINE #1, LINE #3, and LINE #7 (Written in MS Office 2000, 97, 95)